JBL Tour One Review

JBL Tour One Review

JBL Tour One Review: Why Buy Premium Headphones

The shortest teaser. A few years ago, I badly needed headphones for office use. I wanted bills with the wireless connection feature and comfortable money because primary tasks were not provided. Then I got the JBL E55BT Quincy Edition, and they are probably the best headphones right now in the ‘up to 8k’ segment. Quincy Jones’ velvety voice still lifts your spirits as you welcome the headphones. For 2.5 years, the JBL E55BT Quincy Edition has been used in the office and on the plane, on the subway, and for jogging. And everywhere they are, as high as possible.

Overall, JBL does a great job of aptly describing the phrase “best for your money.” That is, you can get an excellent device for your requests and not spend a lot of money. But the brand has an extensive line of headphones, including premium ones. With this year’s new product, JBL Tour One decided to understand: whether to spend more on premium.

Packing up all the money

The JBL brand attacks as soon as you open the box: instead of headphones, you see a fitted case, which puts the headphones with all the necessary cables. And it works in perception because there are various feelings. First of all, feel the concern of the manufacturer: vaporized and offered a quality accessory in addition to the product. Second, there is a chain of associations that JBL Tour One is so good that simply throwing it in the bag is a crime. They deserve a personal case to protect them. By the way, inside, there is a special insert that will remind you exactly how to put the headphones on so as not to break them.

Even though the headphones do not seem weak, quite the opposite. Massive pads of faux fur, she – on the head. Interior – metal with lines to fix the position of the places. JBL Tour One looks like they were invented for professional studios or DJ sets in huge venues. The appearance here is outstanding.

Use and application

The new JBL Tour One also has its advantages in the JBL branded headphone app. For example, six equalizer modes are built-in by the manufacturer. You don’t need to waste time and move the sliders yourself; you’ve already created layouts for all the primary areas: Jazz, Voice, Bass, Club, Studio. But of course, you can add your own.

Among the many features that can be helpful to “Alarm Clock”. It works in two stages: first, the music is played, and then activates the noise reduction mode without playback. As a result, you get total silence and a good night’s sleep. You can set a duration timer for both stages—for example, 30 minutes of music and 5 hours of silence. You can also create a sound void mode around it if you want to focus; the SilentNow function is responsible for this. There is also the possibility of an automatic shutdown on the timer for those who like to reset the headphones when they get home and forget about it.

The JBL Tour One weighs 268 grams. As one character in the movie said, “Heaviness is good. The Heaviness is reliable.” Of course, the concept of gravity is conditional here: the headphones can easily be worn on the head and neck during the day. But again, it’s about the feel of the JBL Tour One.

I had minor issues with the ear pads because they seemed too big under my ears. In winter, it will be only an advantage, but it is not very convenient in warmer weather. Also, note that it will take time to get used to the touch control of the headphones. The earpads are equipped with sensors on the outside, which allow you to stop playback, configure Bluetooth connections and activate the Ambient Aware mode (responsible for your safety on the street and in the subway, not allowing you to ignore loud sounds such as the car signs). But for the first few hours, I regularly made occasional touches, adjusting or removing them. But when you get used to it, the sensor is more convenient than any other control option.

Music and sound

Talking about modern headphones, “they just have to play the music well” is like saying that your smartphone is “just for calls.” Sounds exciting but not realistic. But yes, the more we pay for headphones, the more we expect from them in terms of sound. JBL Tour One wasn’t the first to be tested by the Take What You Want track. It begins with the voice of Ozzy Osbourne, continues with typical modern hip-hop with melodies, and finally contains the most potent guitar. The headphones did not beg or choke on any part of the song. And if you experience With the equalizer, the sound can become incredible. It passed the JBL Tour One and the live version of Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop from London (you can worry here), AND Zimmer’s pathetic soundtracks for “Interstellar,” and even the final drum scene from “Obsession.” Not to mention more “everyday” music: a new Lil Nas X album or a new Drake can hardly sound bad on JBL headphones with their lust for powerful parts.

Is it worth it?

Ideally, it would be best to decide yourself: try on the headphones beforehand to understand how they fit. But for 18 990 rubles, you get a vibrant accessory in every way. Here’s excellent assembly, gear, and sound, all meant for you to enjoy the headphone-wearing process.

What do you think?

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