Feelings of a person with low self-esteem


Love and jealousy are intimately related since the one who loves usually remains alert towards the other person. Jealousy in small doses is healthy, but it can be unhealthy and cause irreparable pain when they are excessive. As with many psychological problems, jealousy is the beginning and the end of a personal or family situation.

It is usual for jealousy to occur in every relationship for fear of losing a loved one, But you have to be able to control them to be happy because it is difficult for the jealous person to become so since his desire to control his partner and the suspicion of all her actions make it impossible for him to achieve that happiness.

"I want to love you without suffocating you, appreciate you without judging you, join you without enslaving you, invite you without demanding you, leave you without feeling guilty, criticize you without hurting you and help you without belittling you. If I can get the same from you, then we can meet and enrich each other" (Virginia Satir)


Envy is the emotion that occurs when a person lacks some qualities concerning another, achievements, or possessions. In envy, there is a social comparison that threatens another person’s self-esteem: someone has something that the envious person does not have. Therefore, envy refers to feeling threatened by someone who we believe has something important to us.

People with low self-esteem are constantly comparing themselves to others. They believe that they do not have good qualities. Therefore, they feel inferior to others. They also feel that others are more important than themselves.

We are envious because we do not accept ourselves; we do not love ourselves enough. Envy and jealousy are toxic emotions. However, we can use these emotions and transform them into healthy ones; we need to love and respect ourselves as we are and be grateful for who we are.

Perfectionism can be the result of low self-esteem. It is an attempt to show ourselves and others that we are capable and worthy of being valued and appreciated, but at the same time, it is one of the main obstacles to increasing our self-esteem.

Perfectionism is related to:

The need to have the approval of others and ourselves.

The fear of rejection.

A self-critical attitude, very negative.

There is extremist thinking, where there is only all or nothing, good or bad, and we do not see intermediate points.

The wrong perception of ourselves and reality, believing that it is possible that everything a person does, always turns out well.

"In the person, there are more things worthy of admiration than contempt." (Albert Camus)

People who need the most approval from others get little. And those who do not need approval from others get more (Wayne Dyer)

If you are looking for the approval of others, you will probably not find it. Instead, when you trust yourself, people look to you.

  1. There is nothing noble about being superior to other men. True nobility is to be superior to your previous self (Hindu proverb)

This Hindu proverb reminds us that the truly noble thing is to surpass oneself continually. If you want, you can!

  1. I found in my research that people are not self-pitying because they are afraid of becoming self-indulgent. They believe that self-criticism is what keeps them in line. Many people think that way because our culture says that being hard on yourself is the right way to be (Kristen Neff)

This phrase refers to cultural influence and how this society demands so much of us. You have to re-educate yourself to be happy.

  1. Your problem is that you are… so busy being clinging to your guilt (Ram Dass)

Guilt is a backpack that accompanies us everywhere, and that is too heavy. Better get rid of her.

  1. The prize of conformity is that everyone likes you less than yourself (Rita Mae Brown)

Conformity is synonymous with immobility and therefore does not make you feel good in the long run. Stepping out of your comfort zone tests you and allows you to grow and develop.

  1. She has no self-confidence; she insatiably craves admiration. She lives in the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself (Anais Nin)

It is sad not to dare to be yourself. This causes unhappiness because personal development is closely related to self-confidence and knowing and fighting for goals.

  1. People are like glasses. They shine when the sun rises, but when darkness comes, they reveal true beauty only if there is an inner light (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

The true beauty of each one is inside. But it only emerges when one is conscious e of it.

  1. It took me a long time not to judge myself through the eyes of others (Sally Field)

It is common for us to judge ourselves only by how others think of us. But over time, one can learn to overcome this and focus only on what one wants in life.

  1. ​​Wanting to be someone else is wasting the person you are (Marilyn Monroe)

Phrase of the great American diva. Do not waste time trying to be someone else; love yourself as you are; you are worth a lot.

  1. The opinion of other people about yourself should not become your reality (Les Brown)

We are all influenced by what others think of us. But it should never affect us more than necessary.

  1. I do not know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone (Woody Allen)

The great filmmaker and actor Woody Allen hits the key: if you try to please everyone, you will completely lose your essence as a human being.

  1. Fate decides who enters your life, but only you decide who stays (Anonymous)

A phrase by an unknown author emphasizes the criteria of each person to be able to select the company rationally.

  1. The religion of all people should be to believe in themselves (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

This phrase from the Hindu philosopher and writer reveals the importance of believing in our dreams.

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