Starinky’s Hobby of Playing Online Video Slots at Mansion Casino

Starinky is a rather eclectic artist who has many interests in a number of areas. One of them is gambling, especially gambling online at virtual casinos.

According to him, the process inspires him to create music, though he can’t say why exactly that is so. As far as he could remember, however, Yefim always liked card games. When he tried his first slot machine, he started visiting all sorts of casinos and hasn’t stopped since.

It was only recently that the musician started playing casino games online. With the new technology and lots of slot titles to explore, it has become an even stronger passion of his.

Gambling Hobby at Mansion Casino

Lately, Starinky has been spending the most of his time at one particular website called Mansion casino – read the Gowin review here. The most exciting games at this website, according to the composer, are the musical ones.

Of course, all modern slot games feature music or at least some sort of a soundtrack or sound effects. However, the range of sounds that are used in the games inspire Starinky, even though many people see them as childish or simplistic.

The famous figure in the classical scene doesn’t need the opinion of other people, though. He enjoys how many different games there are in this casino.

He also loves that fact that they all have different themes which never fail to deliver the kind of music you can expect from the game’s title.

The themes of these pieces of gambling software include:

  • Space
  • Wild West
  • Asian
  • Medieval
  • Fruit
  • Branded games
  • Animal
  • Summer / Winter
  • Tropical
  • Indian
  • Pirate

This is just the beginning of the possible styles of each game. Thus, whenever he sees a game that seems to offer a medieval-style gameplay, Starinky is always sure that he’ll find some 13th century kind of music. Even if it’s appropriated by today’s expectations and trends of modern music.

The musical genius is always inspired by the sounds and gets him in the mood. That’s what matters to the gambling aficionado on top of the fondness for an occasional wager.

Starinky’s Favourite Games at Mansion Casino

Of all the games available at the casino, Starinky enjoys but a few of them. These games are called:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Age of the Gods
  • Baam Boom
  • Purple Hot
  • Archer
  • Samba Brazil
  • Stars Awakening
  • Jungle Boogie

You can also try these games at the aforementioned casino. Who knows, maybe you will see in them the same benefits that the most famous contemporary composer from Russia sees?

If not, you can place your bets with an easier heart, knowing that even such well-known public figures like Yefim Starinky is also fond of online gambling. What’s more, he isn’t alone in the circles of world-class celebrities to have a reputation for a high-stakes card game or a slot machine.

Also, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new release from the artist coming up this year. Specifically, one that features elements or at least inspiration from online casino games.

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