Yefim Starinky

Yefim Starinky is one of the most famous contemporary Russian composers of classical and electronic music. This site is the official page of the composer and is overseen by his associates and, occasionally, the man himself.

Born in late 70s, Starinky went to the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory where he has learned his trade. By the time he graduated in 1994, he has already released his first full length album of his own modern classical compositions.

Today, after 25 years since then, he has released eight more albums and has collaborated with some of the best-known musicians in Russia and other countries in four different continents.

His scores are often used in cinema, theatres, game industry and other media.

Starinky Information

In this website, you will find everything for A to Z about Yefim Starinky. This includes his current gigs or meetings with his listeners, other events related to the Moscow-born artist and his musical arrangements.

We also run a blog detailing related information and bits and pieces that we assume the fans will be interested in. From his musical inspirations to hobbies and daily life, you can find out many things you don’t know about the man.

On the right side of the page you can also find the current calendar with the most important events marked. Browsing further into our database, you’ll find a gallery of the composer’s photoshoots as well as pictures from his events and studio series.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any business offers or would like to buy licence to Starinky’s tracks. We often receive requests for using the electronic and classic soundtracks which are protected by copyright. Do not use Starinky’s production without our acknowledgement.

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